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Why choose Rush2Clean?

Rush 2 Clean were established in 1995 and are proud to service areas across London.

We provide a range of high quality cleaning services which are combined with an excellent and personal service, all at extremely competitive prices. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide a very open and honest service and strive to provide the best advice which is tailored specifically to your individual needs, every time.


As an innovative, analytical, driven Managing Director, I leverage my comprehensive experience in project management, market research and analysis, time management, strategic alliances, and process improvement. I offer unmatched strengths in customer service and business development.

Complex and intricate situations are my specialty as my solutions-driven approach has garnered me a reputation of being a capable leader and decision-maker. To achieve this, I utilize my extensive experience as a business professional coupled with the network I have built which results in business partnerships with a foundation of trust and teamwork. My calculated approach in problem-solving has resulted in consistent business growth and development.

In my position as Managing Director, I have applied the following:

Retain contracts for 20+ years, guaranteeing clients of excellent customer service, expanding brand recognition.

Operates on foundations of honesty, principle and virute, giving free quotation, showcasing business integrity.

Provide cleaning services at a very competitive price tailored to client needs, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Apply flexible contractual arrangements, planned and budgeted work, collaborating with staff schedules.

Rush 2 Clean Ltd was formed in February 2018 and has built and maintained its reputation as a reliable and well- respected cleaning company servicing London Boroughs. We are proud to have an impressive portfolio of high-profile clients, including established corporations and bustling young businesses – all utilising our bespoke range of quality cleaning services.

We are an evolving business with the skills and foresight to prepare for any elaborate situation. We believe this is achieved through extensive research and collaboration with industry leaders built on the foundation of transparency, product knowledge, and teamwork resulting in optimum efficiency for the organisation.

It is our mission to create business partnerships with elite decision-makers to elevate the company’s goals. If you need business professionals capable of doing such, then we should connect! You may reach us via email at sales@rush2cleanlondon.co.uk, or call us at 0208 050 6087. For more details about us and our services, please visit: www.rush2cleanlondon.co.uk.

Expertise: Facility Management, Building Maintenance, Commercial Management, Waste Management, Project Management, Professional Services, Contract Negotiations, Team Management, Customer Service

Great Value

We offer great value for money, ensuring you get the best quality cleaning at a very competitive price. Commercially, this remains true for the duration of the contract and is reflected by the length of our contracts – with some being over 20 years!


To achieve customer satisfaction Rush 2 Clean ensures: Prompt service, fully trained and experienced staff, regular staff supervision, ample resources to tackle each job, easy and direct contact with supervisors.


Well located close to major road networks (see Locations) Tailored work programmes, replacement staff to cover absence through sickness or holidays, simple and flexible contractual arrangements, individually planned and budgeted work schedules.


Rush 2 Clean Cleaning Services operates on the foundations of honesty, openness and integrity to ensure you get the service you require and that any issues are quickly and smoothly dealt with. We provide a free quotation for every job so you know exactly how much the job will cost and won’t face any surprises!

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